Monday, January 31, 2011

Disappearing Photos?

I am quite new to this blogging business and not sure how everything works, but I've just noticed a peculiar thing.
My most popular post has stayed pretty much as one of the first posts I made, the Rainbow Party post, which you can see at the top right hand side of my page. Something strange has happened... I noticed today (though I have no idea when this actually occured) the photo I had up there has changed to the 2nd photo in the post. I went to the post to have a look and only the 2nd photo is there. The original one (a closeup of wonderful rainbowed playdough in a jar) has disappeared! Gone! No little empty box or anything - just gone.

Very strange.

Has this happened to anyone else?


hannah said...

that IS weird! no help from me sorry chook

hannah said...

my weird thing is I am following you twice with the same pic and slightly different profiles...odd, I have another account but that one had/has a different pic!

Toru said...

gaaahh! Ive just transfered M's blog to his own account and having some trouble with that too.

Perhaps Carla followed? Would that solve your mystery?

I really cannot figure where my photo went. I should check the rest of my posts and see if they are all still there.