Sunday, January 2, 2011

Made It.

Just a bit before Christmas I had enough of looking at my stash of fabrics, threads, wool tops, ribbons, buttons, snaps, patterns and well, all general crafty bits n' bobs. My collection is modest by many standards, but I thought it were better to make use of these things rather than letting them sit there being 'Nice Nothings'.

Little D wearing a Bandana Style Bib (and some reversible shorts I made him). 

So I've starting to make some basics. Just a few little pieces. There is only so much I can make for me and friends, so I opened a store. I have already sold some things which is fun!  And now I have a new machine (yes, I took a deep breath and got a new Brother NS50 to replace my precious Janome). So I can get sewing again and continue to see where this re found creativity takes me.

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Kym said...

yeh super yeh for you

soo excited look at your gorgeous clothes well done sweet heart... your having a girl so exciting

xx kym