Friday, January 14, 2011

Curry Rice Loaf

I found a recipe for Curry Rice Loaf a few days ago and as I love brown rice and know how much better it is for you than white, I gave it a try.

It took a wee while to make (because brown rice takes twice the time to cook as white) but its has a nice nutty flavour. It is an easy recipe but not quick. So, I'd say give yourself up to 2 hours from when you put the rice on the stove top to when it is ready to serve.

I substituted the sesame oil for a few spoons of Tahini since we are out of oil, and you can very easily make this dish vegan by using soya or rice milk. Next time I make it I might try using a can of Nutolene insted of the peanut butter and mixed nuts, just to see what it comes out like.

I'd be interested if anyone has any variations on this - comment below or email me if you do.

We had it served with Satay sauce and salad as suggested by Lou of blog Seaside Siblings. The recipe is here.

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