Monday, January 31, 2011

Lego Quest Kids

Station Base built by the Big M 2 years ago.

Soon after I begun blogging a couple of months ago, Big M decided he wanted to as well. He loves looking at what others make with Lego, and shortly after I helped him set up his Lego & Drawing Gallery blog I came across a really neat blog called

 If your kids are into Lego and like looking at what others have made and would like to send in their own creations this is a great place to do it. They run a theme each fortnight which you can send your photos in or just use it to get new ideas for your kids when they come asking "what would you like me to make with my Lego today...?" 

There are also links to other Lego places your kids will enjoy visiting.

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Toni said...

Oh THANKYOU for this! Jack drives me bonkers asking me what he should make out of Lego.
I've started a blog for him, but I've kept it under my account so it looks like I'm now following your boy. I left a comment for M so he'd know who I am, and also a link to Jacks' blog.
Jack is busily making something as I type, so hopefully we'll get some photos up tomorrow.
Thanks again!!