Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mystery Le Métro Music

When we left NZ to move to Australia we came via a trip to Japan, England and France. We were hoping to visit a few other places but we found out we were expecting Little D a few days before our flight out of New Zealand and decided we need to get settled into Melbourne before I got too preggie.

While in France we were staying just out of Paris and one day I went into Paris by myself. Navigating my way around the Metro to find The Louvre I heard something I couldn't ignore. Maybe I'm a sucker for the emotive romance of folk music? Or perhaps it was the amazing acoustics in the tunnel? But like a mouse to the Pied Piper I left my platform and came across this band busking. I stayed and listened and recorded and then during a gap asked them who they were? But I cant remember what they said! They were not French, but Russian, Slavic, Croatian or something?! Wish I remembered. I had only 20 Euro on me and they were selling CDs for 20... I nearly brought one but as I'd just arrived into the city I thought I'd better hold onto the cash in case I needed it for something more urgent (I ended up with that 20 still in my purse when I arrived in Aus).

So, I dont know who they were. And I used up all the space on my camera filming them and didn't get any photos of The Louvre. Thought I'd share it now (my first youtube upload!). Perhaps someone else knows who they are?

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ChallenCharms said...

Hi there, found you via the Made It forum and thought I'd say hi. I think your blog is really interesting, glad to have stumbled upon it.