Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today he is EIGHT.

Zombie Juice. Eyeball Cake. Pin the Bogey on the Monster. Dem Bones. Green nails. Egg & Spoon & Target (for eggs). Wormy Spider Jelly. Ghost Town. Wrap the Mummy. Pass the (body parts) Parcel. Mini Monster Pizzas. Party Poppers (why do kids always point these at each others faces?). Magic Candles. Ice-Cream with Slime. Time Warp. Bobbing for Apples (I can only guess this game derived from witch hunts?). Too much Sugar. A lot of heat (yes after a week of constant downpour we have had 2 beautiful summer days this weekend - thank goodness, I dont know how the egg and spoon race would have gone down inside;) ).

Tired but it was fun.

I'm now on clean up duty while Big Vampire goes to Lego Brickvention in the city with his dad and Little MOnSteR (rahhh) has an arvo sleep.

Also some (better) photos here at lalahiprism :) Thanks Kym. I forgot to get any of the cake with candles and birthday boy!


hannah said...

Arlo needs you to run his party ;) thats so awesome Sian, very clever m'dear!

Toni said...

fanTAStic!! my 9 yo son is green with envy.