Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Help yourself

I think my favourite family meals are the ones when we sit down at the table and have an assortment of fillings in the middle and we put together our own plates.
This is the way we have sushi, burgers, salads, tacos and PANCAKES! Yum. Everyone can tuck in and add what they want.

Good for little people to have fun choosing their own meal. I find it is a pretty good way of getting them to eat some things they wouldn't usually be keen on trying.

So, I'm wondering? What are the family meals you enjoy most and what do you like to eat on your pancakes? Got any new suggestions for us to try? Our selection is typically lemon, sugar, butter, golden syrup, cream and strawberries.


123 Explore and Create said...

Frozen berries can be good, but if you want to know the kind of pancakes that appear all of the sudden on our table they are Dirk's family recipe apple pancake. Quite remarkable he gets out the bamix and everything, they are the quick pancake we have when there is nothing else in the cupboard. Had an amazing gastronomic day today, mad really, home made custard with apples, rice paper rolls then slow roast pork so fantastic. Our favourite is roast!

Love the photo of Dig's paskie asked for him again today, cant wait to see you all xx

Suzi said...

Yum! I love blueberry pancakes with butter, mmm

Daisy, Roo and Two said...

Yum! I make three different "flavour" pancakes because I like variety. I make sultana pancakes, regular pancakes (to be enjoyed with maple syrup or lemon and sugar) and choc chip pancakes (because they are delicious). I often also whiz up some steamed vegetables and add it to the pancake mix. It doesn't change the taste (it does change the texture a little bit), but gives us all an extra little veggie boost! Veggie Pancakes with cheese and parsley melted on top in the oven are also delicious!

Me 'N My Monkeys said...

Yummy! I love pancakes with maple syrup.

Lady Fabulous said...

Professor and I love doing that with taco's - all ingredients on the table, fill your own taco :)

And my favourite pancake topping is sugar and lemon juice, but Professor always gets upset, because his pancakes should be 'perfect enough to not NEED topping' ;)

Found you from FYBF!

lifeasmummymax said...

i love having meals where we all get our own (except for the little boy ofcourse) Tacos in summer are our favorite! I love maple syrup on pancakes or banana pancakes Yum!

Toru said...

Thanks for the comments. Nice to have some new visitors.
It sounds like we need to try more fruit options with our pancakes. The bananas suggestion makes my mouth water - we have had such a shortage of them this year (due to crop damage from QLD floods in the NY).
Daisy Roo - I tried the veg mixed in and it worked really well. Tasted good and the kids liked them! Was a relief to get Little D eating some vegies again after a couple of bad weeks with him being stubborn about all foods expect bread! I whizzed up a cup of cooked frozen peas, corn and fresh chopped carrot in with the batter. So simple. Will be a regular addition from now on I think.

Shaheen said...

Thank you so much for the link to the CERES site. I enjoyed reading about it. It would have been fab it they had more pictures though to show progress.

By the way I like bananas with my pancakes. And I agree about sitting down to eat with family. Even though its just me and my husband, we mostly eat at the table.

locket--hannah said...

mmmm pancakes. my fav since childhood is lemon juice, brown sugar and cream. Maple syrup, cream and sliced banana is delish too. And fresh berries, mmmmm. I want some now. We're on a waffle binge at the mo. Arlo loves breaking them into wee hearts and scoffing. xx