Friday, January 28, 2011

Sticky Rice + Kids = Lunch


Big M loves sushi. I love sushi. Little D seems quite into it too (always a handy bribe for good behaviour when kids sick of shopping).
So today when Big M suggested we make sushi for lunch I got straight onto it. Usually he asks at lunch time - which is not enough time for prep. But he asked during breakfast so I got the rice on soon after.

Ours never quite looks like the professional jobs from the sushi shops but it tastes pretty much the same.
You should use sushi rice and sushi vinegar to make it stick properly and have the best taste.
Other than needing to remember to get the rice on earlier so it can cool down enough to use its pretty simple to organize and clean up. Food is fresh and colourful and kids can pick out what they want themselves. The whole rolling bit is kind of tricky but good for motor skills. Its good for learning about quantities - too much filling it will all spill out, or too little and your basically eating just a chewy sheet of seaweed. Another bonus is making your own sushi at home requires few ingredients. A little goes a long way and today the boys experimented with sliced up left over chipolatas. Yea, not my kind of sushi but they enjoyed it.


MaidInAustralia said...

My kids (and I) love making sushi too. You just need the basic ingredients and a few fave fillings and that's it. My son hates sandwiches, so keeping some cooked and cooled rice on hand, means I can give him some good food in his lunchbox, that I'll know he will it. (With a mini ice-brick obviously, to keep it cool).

mangocheeks said...

Its been a while since i made sushi, and I agree home-madema not look as perfect as those at Sushi bars, but those don't always taste as good as those made at home. Good to see little ones participating in creative cooking.

And Chipolatas in sushi, I would tut - but I actually think your little man may be on to something there, doesn't quite appeal to me, but it may to others :)

Emma said...

I love that your little one wears a helmet to lunch!

Toni said...

YUM. my kids are clamouring for sushi now....