Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's hard and it's rubbish.

I have begun to get attached to my new (Brother NS50) machine. I have not had a lot of time to use it, but enough to get familiar with how its runs and what it can do. I'm liking it.

Sadly when I rang the little local repair shop (sewing machine hospital) asking if he would like my Janome for parts or anything really he might find it useful for he said no, he only uses new parts. He had no suggestions of what I can do with it other than put it out in the wheely bin to go off to that magical place where things disappear when we don't want them anymore...ohh, except we all know they don't really disappear and it bothers me to think of 1. my beloveds gift all those years ago ending at a place like that  and 2. I just hate waste. I hate things being unusable and non degradable. I have enough guilt thinking about all the stuff I use that ends up in landfill already.

Maybe its the pregnancy hormones but the thought of a precious gift sitting in a pile of shit for hundreds... ?thousands? of years makes me sad.


Toni said...

I hate this kind of waste too! A couple of years ago, I rang to see about getting my (Maytag!) washing machine repaired. I was told it wasn't worth it, and I'd be better off buying a new one.
It took my husband 5 minutes to fix the problem (a lollipop stick) and the washer's still going strong.
Could you maybe take the sewing machine to an op-shop? Often people will buy them and repair them or use for spare parts.

Toru said...

Thanks for the suggestion Toni. In NZ charity shops don't take electrical items usually so I hadnt thought of that but I will see if any of the local ones in this town do.

Madam Salami said...

I hate throwing things out too, especially when they can be recycled or reused by someone else. We use a local freegle/greencycle group (formally freecycle) to rehome things we no longer need or to get things others no longer want but we need, like huge bags of my fabric scraps are always really popular and we are currently giving away a bed. I've also rehomed my old sewing machine the same way (I got rid of a brother and replaced it with a Janome)
I think there are groups all over the world, run from yahoo groups, you can check Freecycles website for a group where you are, prehaps?

If not, do you have a free add paper that you could over it 'free to collect', in? x