Thursday, December 15, 2011

Over & Out

I started this blog just over a year ago. I was not too sure what I was aiming for, and still not! But have enjoyed an outlet for some of my thoughts and happenings and really enjoyed seeing what other people have been thinking and doing too. It is the individuality of us all blended with our common threads that I love about people and life.

I had been intending to do many blog posts on all sorts of things that in reality I have just not had the time to do, or if I have, then I have not had the time to blog about them. I have been wanting to do posts on some of the blogs I love, but instead will give you a brief overview of a couple of my favourites and suggest you go follow them, or at least have a looksie :)

And, why am I writing like this is all coming to an end?

Probably because I am not sure if I will be back next year, in this venue anyhow. Perhaps I will, but probably not. I was thinking of deleting this blog, but after checking in today I see that over the past couple of months since I was last here, 'stats' show quite a few readers... well people who have been linked to a post by google anyhow - no new comments so it can be very hard to know if this is being broadcasted to the world or just a convo in my head turning into type and not much else?

I have loved the blogging explosion over recent years. So much information to be shared and inspiration. Connecting with people globally without leaving my house, which is rather handy and life saving at moments when I feel quite isolated and housebound with 3 offspring to care for in new town/country.

There are lots of blogs that when I get a few moments I try and check up on, but here are 2 of my favourites. And they both happen to be local (well in Melbourne, which I now live just out of. Both are mums and artists, and both have a love of textile yumminess.

One of the first people whos blogs I came across and loved is Emma is a mum of 2 little ones and she is shoe designer and maker! SHE MAKES SHOES!! How clever is she? Very.
I love seeing her passion for her craft and creativity enriching her life. She does other things too, but you will have to go follow her blog to find out ;) If you love shoes and art & design (especially textiles and sculpture) you will enjoy her blog.

The other blog I want to share is This blog belongs to my friend Kym Maxwell. She loves capturing her family life on her blog (she has 2 boys same ages as mine) but its also full of the creative way she lives her life. Currently teaching full time but designs and makes too (lalahiprism & Zamo kids clothes), I'm envious of how they find time to fit in so many things!
With lots of snaps of her kids and everydays things the love she has for her family and her artists heart are both big and strong. I love that.


Shaheen said...

Oh I am so pleased to see a blog post from you. I totally understand and appreciate that you are busy and no time for blogging, but I do sincerely hope that you do not give it up. Even if you blog post once a month its something, I personally do enjoy reading you blog. I don't know if you saw this when you came by my blog this morning, but see below.

I am also off to check out the two blogs you've mentioned. I am not a Mama but I am always interested.
Well if I don't hear from you this side of the year, may I wish you and your family a Wonderful Christmas and a super duper New Year

Emma said...

Awwww shucks! Thanks so much for your praise, it's touching to hear that even though us Mums are tucked away in our homes with kids, we can still be in touch, inspiring and encouraging each other.
I hope that I can still hold the blogging torch somewhat regularly, it is a struggle, take care Lady!