Friday, January 7, 2011

Lego & Drawing Gallery

My first baby is nearly 8. He has two things he loves to spend most of his time doing. They are Lego and drawing. Lego has been a love of his which he puts hours of play and design time into, and drawing has just been something that he got into over the past year. He loves it so much we have a kids craft room in our house and he has his own quite largish desk for drawing at.

Inspired by a blog he recently read, he decided he wanted to have his own blog to document and share some of his creations.

He'd love it if you took a look and commented. He likes to look at what others are making and I figure its a good way to encourage his computer and camera skills. I thought it would be pretty cool to see some other kids share some of their work on blogs too. Know of any? Or think your kid might want to start one?

You can link directly to his blog  HERE!

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