Thursday, June 30, 2011

A2K & Why you will want to visit it.

A2K = Allotment to Kitchen. Shaheen (or Mangocheeks as she previously was known as) is one of my favourite bloggers. All the way over in Scotland (but soon to be relocating to Wales), she produces fresh produce from her garden and fresh culinary ideas. Whats more - its all vegetarian.

I so want to sample everything she makes because it looks looks so good and she has such a good idea of healthy and yummy food.

She is brilliant. You will be inspired. You will wish that you could grow your own food. You will wish that you could make so many good meals. You will want to try some of her recipes.

Her blog is well written and has lovely photos. She has so many new ideas.

Her site is so concise and easy to follow. She has conversion charts, a search index for recipes. And there is a side column to tell you what she is growing in her allotment.

I dont understand why she dosent have a book deal yet? SOMEONE give this woman a book deal!

My Welsh Dragon Soup (Leek, Potoato & chilli minus the chilli cause I don't think the kids or breastfed bub would appreciate that), with Welsh Dragon Chilli Shortbread (minus the chilli once again and the Dragon - so I picked a random 'interesting' shape from my cookie cutter collection. I think it is suppose to be Santa's Sack. I told the kids it was a rabbit, because thats sounds similar to Rarebit and... well I suppose you can see my attempt at clever word play even if the kids had no idea).
Heres the link to the original A2K one;)


Sif said...

Wow, you blog looks so interesting! I'm looking forward to delving through it!

123 Explore and Create said...

Looks like an awesome snail!

Shaheen said...

Dearest Toru,
I read your post a little while ago when I was in Wales and blushed, was gobsmacked and lost for words. I am really heartfelt touched and moved. I wanted to comment then, but I also wanted to show my husband, then i got distracted with other things when we returned to Scotland so apologies for the delay in responding. I want you to know that you blog post is really appreciated and is great encouragement for me. Thank you so much for your kindness, your belief in my blog means a lot.

I love your version of the savoury snail biscuits.

Once again, thank you so so much.