Monday, October 31, 2011

A long story about something that didn't take very long.

This had been a longish tale of how we acquired our new pet chickens. But I had written it one handed (other holding baby on hip) and in a hurry whilst trying to do 20 other things at the same time. It was not written very well. And added to the fact that some glitch occurred when I posted that meant all the paragraphs etc disappeared, it played on my mind a bit that it read like something I had written when I was 10. It is not always a big aim of mine to write really well on my blog, but this post was bothering me. Maybe because right now life feels a bit unravelled as I find my way being a mum of 3. Anyway, short story now and it goes like this.... We had thought about getting chooks last year, but then decided we probably wouldn't. Two weeks ago I had a moment of inspiration and decided we should get chickens now. It felt right. I contacted the people whom we were on the waitlist with last year for some Pekin Bantams. They wrote back saying their list was very big and we might not get any this season, would we like some of their others that were just 6 weeks old. I said "yes!" and so we are now the proud owners of a Rhode Island Red Bantam, Light Sussex Bantam and a Silkie. I'm not sure what the colouring of the Silkie is. It is a bit of a mix and most similar to my old cat (RIP FInn, she passed on a couple of months ago with her new owner - as much as u can own a cat), so I would say maybe the Silkie is Tortoiseshell, cause thats what Finn was. They are only just 8 weeks old. We wont get eggs till end of summer, which is about 4 months away. But I'm very pleased to have them. They are the first pet we have got since we moved to Australia 3 years ago. And the way it came about getting them was (the long badly written post) quite serendipitous. Meant to be.
ps. the breathing space thing happened again! No idea why sorry. Anyone else having this problem with blogger? pps. the new owner of my old cat didn't pass away with her, just meant...well, you know. And the cat was old, nothing to do with the new owner.