Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sad Potatoes

We finally managed about a week and half of sunshine and no rain. It was lovely and great timing for Xmas and New Year. We are back to no sunshine and too much rain, which I figure is at least good for helping the veggie garden, but the intense heat we had around New Years was a bit much for some of the veg plants. The Potatoes had been in the ground long enough I suppose so dispite the heat killing off the plants it was about time we dug them up. We left one row which is still looking green and dug up half of another row and all of the Kipfler row. 

It was not good news. We got enough Kipfler for one meal of boiled potatoes with butter and green salad - so yum, but really  - one meal worth?! Oh dear. The other half row was a little better. I cant remember the variety but I'm sure they should have been twice the size they came out. 

You can see the in the pics the soil is pretty poor. We had tried improving it before we planted but I guess it required a lot more work than we put in. 

We agreed to try again next year in another area of garden, but if they are as measly in return 2nd time round then we wont bother again no matter how delicious our one meal of fresh from the garden boiled spuds were.



Toni said...

I couldn't help but giggle looking at that poor ole potato!!

Siân@Toru said...

Yea, make me giggle too :)

hannah said...

me too, poor spud ;)

mangocheeks said...

Oh wow - how sad the potato face.