Friday, December 3, 2010

Pop-up Tree

I was going past Lincraft yesterday and saw they had 50% off all Christmasy stock so I went in and had a look around. Our new place is quite a bit bigger than our last, so our festive decoration collection needs to expand. I came across this box which the scanner said was $10, so I don't think it was included in the sale but it seemed perfect enough ( at that price) for the empty space beside the telly.

The box said 'Christmas Tree in a Box' 'Paper art by Sam Ita. "Hmmm" I wondered, is Sam Ita someone I should know about? What other things does Sam Ita do? So a quick google and I see that Sam Ita is a Pop-Up Artist, but that sounds like another name for a Flasher in the same way Housewives use to (before someone came up with the term SAHM) call themselves Domestic Executives.
Anyways... his website refers to him as an author, artist and 'paper engineer'. His website by his own account is never updated but he did have a post with a cool invite he designed "CAGE"
I think we should have more Pop-up invites. Wedding pop up invites - cool!

So I made the tree last night in about 20 minutes while I watched the Amazing Race. I put it over in the corner by the T.V, only to realize that was a stupid thing to buy because D (who is near 2) would pull it to pieces in the morning. Our Xmas tree is bare for the first 2 feet whilst the carpet and garden are sprinkled with gold glitter stars and balls.

So highest place I could find was up with the china tea cups.

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