Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Stocking fillers Eye ♥

This time next week S will be a few hours off finishing work for the year. I wish he were home for a couple of days before Xmas, but having Christmas Eve off is great. Like birthdays, I feel that Xmas Eve should be a holiday.

Anyhow, as we get closer to Christmas, and I await the opportunity to wrap and place pressies under the tree I am still browsing online some of the neat things around.
Here are some bits I come across in the past week that I would be happy for Santa to drop into our stockings.

Hector Serrano
This designer has innovation. And fun. Check out his site for more great things, but here are a couple of my fav's.

Monster Hands Temporary Tattoos

Dress for Dinner Napkin

This guy has a website apparently but I can't find it. However plenty of links (get it?) online for his mens jewellery and at his etsy store.
Lego Cufflinks

Grove Made do design and craftsmanship as it should be. This company have beautiful laser cut bamboo iPhone cases, and you can get  custom made cases too!   A thing of beauty.

Grove Bamboo iPhone 4 Case

Lifes A Stitch (haha - I love that name :) ) make probably the best toy food I have seen.  These 2 Aussie sisters make cool tactile playfood from fabrics such as wool & cotton. Well priced and great options such as Fish & Chips, Eco shopping bag, Fresh Fruit.

Roll Your Own Sushi

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Megs said...

Very cool ideas!