Monday, December 20, 2010


My littlest boy has shown a lot of interest in my sewing machine recently and last week as he was 'investigating' he pulled it down onto the ground. My first reaction was to check he was ok, and considering my machine got dropped when it was shipped from NZ to Australia but kept working, I was fairly optimistic that it would be fine.
But it is not.
Now it is off at the sewing machine hospital.

I'm quite sad because I had been enjoying using it a lot lately and I also have quite a bit of sentimental attachment to it. S gave it to me with its box covered in "I LOVE U" written with colouring pens all over as a betrothal gift to me around 11& half years ago.

The "sewing machine hospital" shuts tomorrow for a few weeks holiday.

Hopefully all it needs is some bandages and a little rest before it comes home again feeling better than ever...

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