Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Creative Flurry

I'm not sure what has happened to me recently but I seem to have got all creatively inspired.

I noticed lately I have been telling M that his desk and his bedroom are a mess and he really needs to sort it out, then I realized my own workspace is, well.... teenage. M is not a teenager yet, but he reminds me of one frequently. I have not been a teenager for er um, a while, but I seemed to have found my creative mojo from that time again. It's not quite the same, because nothing ever is after having kids. I can't for example, stay up all night working on something and then hit the sack as dawn breaks. Ahh, I do miss those days/nights though.

 Lots of unfinished ideas from 20 years ago still niggle me, but 20 years on I am a different person and those old ideas don't feel quite right now. Time has moved on.

However, my mind is ticking with ideas and the state of my work room really reminds me of my bedroom when I was a young lass.  I think I really noticed how similar it is when S came looking for where all the cups had gone.  With slightly pink cheeks, I returned the dirty tea & coffee cups and sandwich plates to the kitchen and they have now been washed.

So things are messy, but I am feeling happy. But I do prefer more order, and think for my kids a better example being lived out, is kinder parenting than "do as I say, not as I do".

Now, back to tidying up a bit and trying to get this room organized again,  ready for making and doing. I'm not sure where this is all heading and I don't really care. I am just enjoying it.

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