Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quick Mix Veggie Burgers Recipe

(food has been attacked already but I remembered to get a photo this time before they were all gone)

This is a quick and easy pattie mix that I came up with that holds together well when shaping and cooking and eating! It takes only up to 10 mins to prep the mix or less if you already have some left over cooked pumpkin from a roast etc. And it has no egg so its suitable for vegans or those with egg allergies.
It should be fried long enough for the onion to cook through, so make sure the onion is diced up finely.

1 Tin brown lentils
1 Tin Chick peas
2 cups cooked pumpkin (preferably tasty and less watery variety like Kent), (we cut into chunks and zap in microwave for 5 mins then drain water and cut skin off).
1 Small onion finely diced (we generally cook with red onions because they are sweeter).
3 - 6 cloves crushed/finely diced garlic
1/2 cup of brown rice flour.
1/4 cup whole meal flour (for coating).

Olive oil for frying.

Add the following seasonings to your own tastes. 
We like to use about 1 tablespoon of each herb and 2 tablespoons of pine nuts for this quantity of mix.
Salt and Pepper 

May also add chilli or curry spices and pine nuts 

Drain liquid from pumpkin (if any from cooking) and rinse and drain liquid from tinned chickpeas and lentils (or cooked if you've cooked your own!). Mash all ingredients together (except flour) , then add in flour and continue mashing until thoroughly mixed and no major lumps.
If adding pinenuts, add them at end so they stay whole and give them a quick stir in.

Sprinkle wholemeal flour onto clean plate, chopping board or bench. Use one heaped soup spoon scoop of mix per fritter. Place onto floured area and use another spoon to remove mix from soup spoon. Flatten down mix a little with back of spoon or hand and then sprinkle more flour on top of fritter to coat. Gently pick up fritter and turn around in flour so sides are coated. Place into preheated pan with enough olive oil to  coat pan well. Make and add other fritters to all cook together.  Fry on mid heat then turn when golden  and crispy on outside (5 -10 mins depending on heat setting and pan type and size). May need some more oil added to pan when turning fritters over. Sprinkle some rock salt over top towards end of cooking.

Eat with salad and sour cream or other sauce, or use in a burger bun with whatever you like in your burger.

I usually make the mix up with no salt and pepper or chill spice and use half of mix to make up kids fritters, they like to eat it with cucumber, tomatoes and Rice Paper Roll dipping sauce. Then I add in the chili spice to the left over mix and prepare the rest for us grown ups to eat.

I'll add some photos next time we make these.

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jagulor said...

hey how exciting I have wanted to make lentil burgers for a longtime thanks x k