Monday, December 13, 2010

Julie Goodwins Xmas Gingerbread Men

I felt we needed some fun yummies to eat leading up to the big day (in less than 2 weeks!). And I saw Julie Goodwin (Masterchef) making these on telly the other morning, and who could go wrong with something called "Great Nan's Gingerbread Recipe"?

 I got D and cleaned his hands, stuck on his apron (getting time for a new bigger one Muma). It was fun making this with him but its 3 hours later and I have only just finished! Julie said the mix should make about 36 cookies, so I'm not sure how many I got but it is a lot more. Julie must have bigger cookie cutters than me. But I'm pleased to have so many, because most of the time I follow baking recipes I end up with a much smaller quantity than suggested. Which means everything is eaten within the same day :(

I did break to get D into bed for his afternoon nap and clean up a little. But the icing took me the longest. It's really a two person job. One to ice and one to stick on the fiddly little Cachous.

I was a bit sick of it by the time I got to the Angels, and didn't really know how to decorate them. So I went with green side ponytails and red shoes, which is quite 'Wizard of OZ' and not really 'O' Christ the Teenie Babe is born'...  anyhow thats fine by me and I'm sure the boys will be just has happy to eat them and the alien eyed Gingerbread men.


Emma said...

My son and I are planning to make gingerbread bikkies this week, the cold weather is perfect for rolling and cutting dough.
Thanks for your visit over at apronsandhammers, that spider in my studio is about 4 com long with all her legs extended.
Truthfully she does scare me a bit, but I do love her company and she is so protective of her eggs I couldn't bear to disturb her!

Siân@Toru said...

Hahaa, yes sadly the weather is great for dealing with such stuff right now.

I am impressed by the spider. Pleased your giving her babies a fair go too. But more pleased she is at your work space and not mine :)