Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rainbow party

We went along to our friends boys joint birthdays party on the weekend. A rainbow theme! Brilliant - except the weather was'nt. Cold and drizzly... I suppose I shouldn't complain though when the UK is having snow in November!

The boys had great fun and came home with a jar of rainbow playdough (D has had loads of fun with the different colours and glitter and putting it in and out of the jar in came in.

Check out here the birthday cake and where the idea came from. What a fantastic job Kym!


jagulor said...

I love to see what Digby is doing with the glitter play do, fantastic Sian I am really excited you have chosen to start a blog..

could I let people know about yours nd post Digby with the playdo he's lovn it... Im chuffed!

Siân said...

Yea sure!
Digs has really enjoyed the playdough, been his favourite thing all week. Its starting to move on from a lovely rainbow swirl to dirty dish water colour but still looks pretty cause of all the sparkles in it :)