Friday, March 4, 2011

Thursday Themes: Textures

Do you remember that Seinfeld episode when George got in trouble because he could not resist the urge to touch a strangers clothes?
I was a bit like that up into my teens (when I learnt that it's just not appropriate to go feeling everything). I had to touch and feel something to understand it better. I love texture. I love textiles especially.
I think it is often the mix of texture with colour that is most captivating. You can have interesting textures without being able to see them, and touch is the physical feeling you use to explore texture but for me the way light enhances the visual aspect of textures is what makes things so beautiful and interesting.
I love natural forms and synthetic. Nature produces some of the most amazing textures. But man made items can also produce texture and colour combinations that get my senses and emotions going.

We've been having a bit of trouble with the cameras, computer and iPhoto recently (and Blogger is doing something funny and I can't upload side by side today), so here are some previous pictures I have on file that I have taken - simply for the love of the texture, pattern and colours. Excuse the huge quantity of photos, very hard to stop when I start. Like I said I love this stuff!

Double click to bring up better size photos for seeing the detail/textures.



Dog scratches on frozen lake.


Smashed Bus Stop Glass

oops upside down - you can still see the wood looks like skin (or a shaved cat perhaps?)

Tree Bark

Tree bark

More Tree bark

I use to do a lot of rag weaving.

This is from a rag weave I started when I was about 14.

These next 3 are close ups from a piece I exhibited a few years back.

Enlarge this one to see the mixture of fabrics and raw edges mmmmm, good stuff!

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Toni said...

OH I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rag weave! I mean, all the photos were gorgeous but that really had me. I would love to have some rugs in my house, my nana had them in her kitchen and bathroom.

Thanks for playing along! I think I'll leave the linky open for longer next week.