Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's not just Big Brother watching you...

My husband sent this to my inbox today.
Click the link to read about privacy sabotage on ETSY!

Etsy users irked after buyers, purchases exposed to the world

What do you think?
Personally I hate how so many sites feel they have to try and 'connect' us all up. Facebook drives me nuts sometimes with some of the things they do. Really, I'm not interested in seeing so and so made this comment on some other persons wall that I don't know. It's not my business but they are making it mine. And if I leave a comment on someones post, it's for those in that conversation. Why invite eavesdroppers?
As a blogger, I'm sharing enough about myself, but I still choose a certain anonymity. We just do not need to share all with everyone. Time and place for all things :)

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Caz (The Truth About Mummy) said...

It sure is easy to get a bit 'over connected' these days. It has its good points - but yes sometimes I wonder about the level of privacy we have these days!!