Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Theme : Handbags

I was never much of a 'handbag' type girl. When I was a teen I liked to travel light and wore the house key around my neck and any cash I had got tucked into my bra. But then as you get older and acquire more bits and pieces ( usually this ties in with needing a place to stick wet wipes and  baby booties that keep falling off) and less Tank Girl approach, a handbag becomes very, 'handy'.

I like a big bag I can chuck everything into, with a few pockets for supposed ease of finding keys, cell phone and loose gold coins for supermarket trolleys.
Mine these days resembles my High School Blazer pockets. Full of all sorts and needs a regular clean out.

But a big hold all shoulder bag is not really a good look if your heading out for a nice dinner.

I decided I should probably get something for those sort of occasions and was stoked when I came across this at a car boot sale last October. I got it for about a $2 from memory.  It needs a bit of spit and polish (which I have not gotten around to yet) but I reckon its got potential.  The woman who sold it to me said it was her mother in laws who had it her whole life and died a few year back aged 90 odd.  She thought it may have come from Holland but was not sure. I had a look inside and a google and saw that it was made in New South Wales. I think it may be from the 20's or 30's.

This next one I have had since I was a small girl. It think I remember being told it was my mothers evening purse for a while when she was a teen. I'm not sure of anything else about it. It looks Victorian to me. Hand embroidery detail on the front is a special touch. The wrist strap is worn where it attaches, and I have never been too sure how to fix it, so it's just stayed as a nice thing to look at. 

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Toni said...


Sooooo jealous... vintage bags are my favourites, I just love them. And how gorgeous to have one that was your mums!
Thanks for joining in this week, too. I REALLY appreciate it :)