Friday, February 11, 2011

Trying to minimize Corporate 80's.

This house is not really our style, but we had to get something and it fitted practically for what we knew we needed for the next few years.

We really wanted to put a Skylight in the entrance way but there are so many other things we need to be spending money on at the moment so I went for a new paint job instead. It's the same colour as the surrounding walls ( that you can't see in the photos).

 A bit of a mission. It took 2 coats of base and 3 of top coat. And being in the later stage of pregnancy and everything taking me much longer than usual, I spent all week doing this! Usually I would do a paint job this size in a day, maybe 2.

I don't think the centre photo shows it as effective as it looks, and it's a dark rainy day so I had to use the flash to get a photo and have the light on! It's a cheap fix up job but it is an improvement.
Definitely not the same overwhelming feeling of being in an Amway dealers house or on the Love Boat as it had been.

Satisfies my bucolic - hippy tendencies anyway:)

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Kym said...

I love the new entrance IT makes a huge different... Just with I could have done that here xx