Friday, May 20, 2011

Linen & Silk

We have been given some nice things for our little girl since she was born 7 weeks ago, but what I love the most are the handmade things.

An aunt and uncle made Baby S a book (about her and a robot buddy), a friend sent her a sweet tiny knitted cardy (already outgrown but being kept for her to dress her teddies and dolls in), and last weekend another friend gave her this silk and linen set from her own label lalahiprism (she is also one of the clever people behind the fabulous kidswear range ZAMO).

It should be the right size for her next summer. I'm looking forward to seeing it on her and tying up the drawstring on those pants :)

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Alexis Southam said...

And well done you! Your little girl is beautiful. x