Monday, May 30, 2011

Dear Diary,

Sometimes I wonder why I am blogging. I think mostly it is simply to put down some thoughts, record some of the things I have been doing, to share with other who are like minded - or challenge my own thoughts about something and to sometimes I hope offer some inspiration to the odd reader or 2.
I don't really feel I have the patience or time to write really well. Some blogs I read are written really well and are fun and informative. Some are lovely to look at because of the beautiful pictures and well designed layout.
I have some favourites to read which I will share on another post soon.

As for my own blog. I have decided to jujsh it up a smidge. Because sometimes I even bore myself with it. I don't really have any great ideas of what to do with it and dont probably have the time to do much anyhow. But I have changed my font. I know its the sort of font that would really F some people off, but so what? I'm giving it a try. Creative fun - a bit Spike Milligan I reckon.


Belinda Julie said...

I love the font!! It looks great! I also love your little birdie background.

I get bored with my blog sometimes and like to change things up every now and again.

123 Explore and Create said...

your ace

We had the BEST time with you guys this weekend and THE BEST time eating the chocolate and coconut brownies and that present for Pascal, extraordinary..... love to you all

and i love your blog

I am blog bored myself and are thinking of changing the emphasis.

Lets see ehh!!

xxx Kym

Emma said...

I don't think having a specific reason for blogging is all that important - as long as you get something out of it, that's all that counts. Hope you continue to enjoy it!

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

There was a study my husband showed me the other day that said "annoying" fonts actually lead to greater recall in readers because the brain has to work harder to read it - so you now have a very memorable blog!!

Toru said...

Oh Glowless - the pressure to not write crap then! ;)

I'm still enjoying this font. And still blogging. Theres something about writing/typing/documenting some of our thoughts.