Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Muu Muu

I decided to make Baby S a bonnet for summer, so looked through my pattern collection, which is mostly vintage dating. The oldest ones being undated but stylewise look to be from the 1930's.

I came across a 1971 pattern for a baby dress that I had cut out the fabric and then left it all sitting together unfinished for a few years. So, even though I have new nappy covers to do and a waistcoat that I think I should make for Little D, bibs for us and as upcoming gifts and of course the bonnet for my sweet girl, I decided to complete the project I had started and never finished. In crafty circles I think they are called UFO's (un finished objects) aren't they?

I think I suffer a bit from Pattern Reading Dyslexia. These old patterns are hard to follow. Well they are for me. I guess they were written for ladies who had already grown up with their mother sewing and took sewing as a mandatory class at school. I have been sewing since I can remember (I taught myself hand sewing as a child, and even know am used to working out patterns and techniques in my head).

The size of the pattern was ambiguos. It said size 1/2. Hmmm, 6mths? Well my girl is just on that and as she is quite chunky I thought even more reason to get on with making it sooner than later.

It was not too hard to make but following the instructions (instead of my brain and instinct) resulted in slightly more home made look than what is considered cool about handmade items these days.

Anyway, we tried it on her. Sam commented it did not suit her colourings (it is beautiful fabric but he is right) and we could see it was waaaay too big. So, put away for a year or two till we can try it again and see if its wearable then, but maybe it will be passed onto someone else.


jagulor said...

I love it it's beautiful

Shaheen said...

Oh it is so beautiful. I absolutely adore it.