Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Time flies

I wasn't too sure what this blog would be when I started. And now I am so busy it's a rare treat to check in and catch up on my favourite blogs and maybe post something myself. I feel things might be evolving though... if I get the chance to do so.
I might try manage a post once a month?
We'll see.

Btw - I did finally remember to get a photo of the vegie/lentil/bean burgers (can't take time to remember how to link it so you'll have to go find it yourself if your interested), so have uploaded that now ;)

Meanwhile here is picture of a few of my favourite things.


Shaheen said...

Blogging is meant to be fun for you, so if it is meant to be once a month - thats good.

That is a lovely photograph by the way, warming and loving. Thank you for sharing.

Toru said...

Great to hear from you Shaheen.
You know I was just feeding my baby to sleep and I remembered that I'd written a blog post today and then I remembered that I'd said "once a month". I absolutely have to take back that comment because I said to my husband after my last blog post (a month ago) that I would not be one of those bloggers who apologizes for not blogging and promises to do it more regular and then you don't see any more posts! haha - ok, so I didn't promise but I could have almost slipped into it! I agree, it should be fun. I get ideas of things I want to post about but I don't get the time anymore/for now.
I do think about once a month has a nice feel for my current circumstances - but NO PROMISES ;)