Thursday, August 4, 2011

I finished the quilt.

I am finding it really busy having 3 kids! All is going well and as crazy as it is I think being a family of 5 is great.

But there is not much time for blogging.
Nor lots of things.
However I did get Baby S's quilt finished though. It is made from re printed 1930's fabrics, with a few old doilies added and backed and binded with linen. I was trying to create something that looked a bit vintage.


SunShiny Day said...

Hi Toro, just ended up here and thought I'd say hi. I also have 3 small children 2 boys & a girl who as I write this are having a pillow fight listening to the white stripes!I like your quilt - it does feel good to make something to even finish somethng amidst the chaos and domesticitity of motherhood. Have fun fromKate

Toru said...

Thanks Kate:)